Viv Audio Lab new Rigid Float tone arm world first preview

Floating analogue simplicity 

Mr. Hirosi Ishihara kindly showed me new tone arm from Viv Lab. This is world first insight. Viv Lab is Japanese company, that is more known to domestic Japanese audiophiles. Mr Koichiro Akimoto the designer of Rigid Float is one Japanese High-End hopes for future and Viv Lab speakers with Rigid Floats are his first brainchildren.

I was intrigued by the simplicity and elegance of the tone arm. Tube arm (tube) is designed from almost pure magnesium alloy (99%) and everything is damped in to the some sort of damping (liquid?) chamber. I'll try to organise for a review for this wonderful object of analogue art.

Here are some of the benefits from this design:
(1) No distortion turbidity
(2) Wide dynamic range
(3) Large amount of information
(4) High power low frequency reproduction
(5) Good transient
(6) Outstanding isolation

Pure - Straight Structure

The pipe material with excellent strength and vibration absorption and lightweight magnesium (99%) employ. Its surface coated with natural lacquer also has a habit not get sound.

- Excellent channel separation and sound localization, spatial sound reproduction.
- The setting is very simple unlike some arms, that can usually having problems with fine adjustment of arm positioning.
- Thick sterling silver internal wiring φ0.5mm (Teflon coated)

Shell - Interchangeable Heads (Universal type), RCA jack and built, excellent usability. RCA outputs, and independent ground, the balance transfer is possible.


Name (type): Rigid Float 7 (RFE-02) Rigid Float 9 (RFS-02) Rigid Float 13 (RFL-02)
Type: Universal Type
Weight: about 2kg (including weight, cartridge including headshell)
Arm Pipe Material: Magnesium (99% purity)
Internal wiring: φ0.5 mm Teflon-coated sterling silver single track (with some flexible copper stranded wire)
Height adjustment range: 20mm
Overhang: - 10 ~ - 15mm Recommended (hung under)
Offset Angle: 0 °
Weight cartridge, thatcan be installed (including head shell): ~ 50g
Output: RCA jack (independent ground, the balance can be transmitted)

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