CA Electronics Ceramic LP Puck Light Weight review

Handmade Ceramics with the right vibe

Ca Electronics is small High-End audio oriented company from Netherlands, that offers effective and musical solutions. They have three lines of products; Connectors, Isolators and Speakers. All of their products except connectors are made by hand. In this way they can assure the desired quality and impact on sound.

We're working on few product review, but this time I'll focus on their brand new light weight turntable puck. They are also offering the heavy weight pluck for the turntables without the sub chassis and range of dampers/absorbers made out of the same material.

All of their products are results of continuing testing and fine tuning. It took them quite some time and numerous prototypes to refine their final creations as they are now.

The main mission of the ceramic puck is to help preventing the unwanted, but always present resonances that are distorting the optimal flowing of signal and what's being picked up from the cartridge. Puck also push the vinyl record down and consequently helps with any bending of vinyl. This is not rock heavy pluck you should mind, that LP puck was designed for turntables with sub chassis, but it will still help wit uneven surface. Turntables with sub chassis principle might limited in the weight of the pluck, but it wont damage springs or whatever makes the sub platter of sub chassis float.

CA Ceramic LP Puck Light Weight puck is made of of special ceramics, that are hand finished on the outside. Inner structure is more irregular deliberately. This helps with transforming and distribution of unwanted resonances. CA LP puck gathers the resonances and transform them into heat. I should also note the hard finish of the back side. Ceramic is still delicate material and CA Electronics cleverly finished back side in more raw way to assure long life span of ceramics. Overall LP puck it might looks simple, but as you see lots of thinking is hidden to the naked eye.
Partners in crime

And we come to the most important part-sound. I tried CA Ceramic LP Puck Light Weight puck with few different turntables. Of course the main focus was on the design with sub chassis. Just for curiosity I tried CA Ceramic pluck with Clearaudio entry level turntables at my good friend. The effects was the same as with Thorens, Dual, VPI, Avid and others.

If analogue is your cup of tea, than you are probably just like me drawn into any accessory, that can help refine vinyl playback in your system. For non believers; yes they do help. Take a spin.

Many products might artificially add something to extend the upper frequencies (wider soundstage), but Light Weight pluck is working in the domain of speed management. Often the absence of right timing and speed causes the time shift and sucks the emotions out of music. Everything quickly become pale. CA pluck handles this delicately. It shows that designer goal was to open up and enhance the sound in general and not to repress it in any way.

CA Ceramic LP Puck Light Weight is the weapon of choice for any analogue fan. In the decade, where everything is valued by the speed and quantity I welcome open hearted this handmade product from the hands of someone who cares for music so dearly. Recommended!


Weight: 225 gram
Height: 27 mm
cross-section bottom: 73 mm
cross-section top: 80 mm
Made out of special and improved Ceramics
A bushing at the bottom ensures a good fit and keeps the ceramic protected

Price 59 eur.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, June 2011
All rights reserved