Hi Fi Racks audio rack

Wooden galore 

This two packages waited patiently before my listening room to be unpacked. Here is first package revealed. I cannot be more satisfied with the simplicity and quality feel of this massive real hard wood audio rack modules. 

Setting them up is both simple and effective. You can easily stack them up to the desired highs and deepness of your wallet. There are numerous option and sizes to meet needs, but for normally sized audio gear this is an instant spot on solution.

Each module hold separate spikes that are directly screw into the wooden dividers-legs. Every module is then isolated with spikes into the upper head of the screw, which is actually a concave hole and a spike holder. 

Hi Fi Racks audio rack might appears simple. They are, but Mozart simple. This means good people at Hi Fi Racks spent much time refining the design and well thought about expandability/modularity of it. No wonders about English audio press reward them with quite few product awards.

Hi Fi Racks rack system is solid, very nicely finished and designed audio rack for any music lover and audiophile. And don't forget that as bonus this is all natural massive wood. Another ig plus. 

Review will follow. Until then kindly take a look at their website to learn more.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, June 2011
All rights reserved