How much bliss will you get with cheap MM cartridge?

My Miyajima Labs Shilabe is still in skilled hands of Mr. Miyajima for repair. Absence of vinyl was Killing me softly, so I went through my boxes of little audi treasures ina search for the cheap Audio Technica MM cartidge. Fonel phono, that is under review is both MM and MC capable. Huraah!

I was surprised about how much of analogue bliss one can have on cheap diet. OK, Fonel phono is very good preamplifier, but still. You might miss a bit of the depth, life like emotions of good MC cartridge, yet there were still gazzilions of positive electrons floating through my system towards the speakers.

I said many times how even simple turntable set up will give most of the CD's run for their money. My little accident just prove that point of view again. You'll really have to dig deep into the pocket to come away from harsh nature, that is mostly accompanied with digital playback.

MM cartridges might never be in the same league as MC. It feels like there is simply no way in getting highs right with MM. This might come from their inherited design, that damps the extension and natural radiance of higher spectrum. However, this might not be as of top most importance for all. Natural music aura is still here, but with tinny silk cover around it.

Matej Isak
Moo & Stereo, 2011