Mactone MH-300 B amplifier

Golden Samurai arrives

At last, here is the product from legendary Mactone Japan. Mr. Matsumoto, owner, a legend and owner of Mactone personally prepared and checked MH-300 B for me. What can I say? Champagne finish, 300B, left and right input gain, in house made special output transformers, presence selector.

It took me whole evening into the night, to slowly unwrap, check and perform first listening. Everything that attracts me to the fine Japanese art of audio manufacturing is evident with Mactone MH-300 B. I'll report soonish about what is happening sonic wise. Imagine, that Mr. Matsumoto built amplifiers in 1963 . Yes, that's a long time. He's one of the five most respected Japanese audio legends and president of tube manufacturers high-end association. In the land of the rising sun authority and old age still means something. Thanks God!

Here are few picture of unpacking and setting up:

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