The new Centrance DACmini and the DACport are now available from “Artisan Silver Cables”.

Artisan Silver Cables represent Centrance in EU and UK

“Artisan Silver Cables” have become the first UK audiophile company to sell the new Centrance
DACmini from the US.

This unit combines a very high spec multi-input DAC with a high-powered Class A headphone amp. The
USB input uses proprietry technology to achieve 24/96 resolution and almost unmeasurably low jitter.
The Spdif input can accommodate bitrates up to 24/192.

According to Alister, the head honcho of Artisan Silver Cables:

"Our regular customers know that I have a pretty good ear and I hope they'd agree that the

performance of our cables proves this. Many of the comments on our feedback page further make

this point. So trust me when I say that this is an exceptional hi-fi component. Once I heard it, I

knew we had to try to bring it to our customers.

The Centrance offers a glorious honeyed tonality that eeks out the best in all recordings -

audiophile or not, combined with a very high level of detail. Musical integrity and flow are fully

preserved - I found the sound that I was hearing difficult to fault (not something that happens


The Centrance DACmini sells for £699

The DACport is the portable version

This cigar-sized unit gives uncompromised audiophile sound from USB only and also has a very high
quality Class A headphone amplifier - allowing enthusiasts to achieve genuine audiophile sound on the
move from just a laptop, DACport and a good pair of headphones.

Both the DACmini and the DACport can be purchased from the “Artisan Silver

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo