RU Connected fine audio/video affordable cables

Mighty set for every pocket

Why RU Connected?

RU Connected is a young company. Their slogan is "top quality without high-end prices". They managed to offer affordable prices due direct sales. So no second or third company in between. We can see this trend raising in all the fields of audio industry. So fair prices and quality products directly from manufacturer. Both sides happy; end of story :). Notice, that they send only directly through their website.

Lately not only music lovers and audiophiles, but also video enthusiasts are taking notion about quality of cables. There are still some overrated products from companies, that wants to squeeze your money, but we can still find more than enough fairly priced and well executed products from companies all over the world.

Usually cheap cables means poor quality. Even on the first encounter with RU Connected cables one feels like he was treated with much more that he paid for. It's not like this happens so often. Thumbs up for that.

All the cables are manufactured professionally. No loose connectors, really fine finish and lot of gold plating. They feel sturdy and always in place while connected to the source. This goes also for HDMI. Black shield covering is on par with price range above it. They're made to last!   


I won't go into my elaborate state of mind. In this price range we want to know what happens to the music and signal flow. Does the cables under the scope are performing as they should and without any apparent distortion or anomalies. I can happily report, that RU Connected made their homework more than good. Cables are on par and step above competition in their price range. I wont compare them to the three zeros products, but I can honestly say, that they are affordable essentials for any music lover on the budget and those who spend their money wisely.   


There is a slight difference in the competitive range step above. You'll need to push your senses to extreme to notice the difference and you'll have to dig deeper in your pockets to get more. RU Connected are not pretentious or trying to be exotic. No smoke, no snake oil, just well designed with surprisingly aesthetics.


I challenge you to find more affordable solution for you digital-analogue audio/video needs. RU Connected set of cables are the Swiss knife for any audio/video enthusiast.

No run to their website and grab yours :).

RU connected
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Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, June 2011
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