Skogrand Cables SC Air Audiophile Speaker Cables review

Great cables from Norway

There are many new companies rising like new born stars in the audiophile high-end society. Within this universe it seems lately, that there are numerous cable companies trying to make there mark upon the earth. S

Welcome to the Skogrand Audio, based in Norway.

You might think that the northern you go in Europe, the colder everything gets. Wrong! Especially this time. Knut Skogrand is full of warm and positive energy, that might melt all the north ice :). You'll read often in my reviews, that any audio product carry the spirit of the designer. It's like with cooking food. You'll instantly feel the good energy and love when enjoying the meal prepared with joy, love and attention. In the same analogy, high-end audio designer most likely incorporate their passion, philosophy and feeling about music into their products. There is no mystic energy transfer.. It is simple the matter of the tools of trade and technology used. We have vast technical knowledge on our hands at present time, but often we'll see especially in the high-end audio, that measurements are only the part of well build product.

Novelistic audio

So many times we can read almost novelistic approach in building a story behind particular audio product, that offer latest state of the art specifications and space age material used. All the anticipation joy and urge to feel audio bliss might be destroyed the moment you hear something in real world listening situation. No smitten experience just a dull hit of melancholic frustration. 

We know so much, but know so little regarding electricity, molecular structure and interaction of electrons, quarks and all the invisible particles, that resonate not only our bellowed cables and audio gear, but also our universe and perception of it. 

Does this mean a dead end in endless tunnel of high-end? Thanks God, no! Building a high-end product and specially cable demands both techno(logical) knowledge and trained ears, of designer who knows by hearth and experience what music should sound like. We'll see that professional music studio technicians perceiving of audio might quite differ from the one we have and share. Knowing quite some musicians, and playing few instruments myself, I can honestly conclude that it's often the matter of taste and not the truth in prevail within  people understanding of how music should be reproduced. 

We might hear and look at things differently, but there are physical laws, that we cannot change however some would love to. During our time on this planet we hopefully adapt to the changes that leads us toward audio (and possibly higher ;)) truth. This might not necessary be a audio nirvana, that we imagine or expect. Life is reality either we like it or not.

I'v seen so many disappointed audiophiles, when it comes to the audio gear and especially audio cables. So many times, based on media and press imprints they're expecting almost heavenly thrill. When using the right combination of components, that are harmonically tuned into a good system you would rather experience the Biblical revelation of truth. And you might not like it :).

So our expectations might vary to what we want to hear and how we want to hear it. High-end audio cables should help in synergy of given system and should convey the message as it is. Anything lost in between is simply a distortion of distortion of the truth. We're already working with reflections of some musical momentum. What do we know exactly of the gear used while recording such or such album? There is already some sort of stamp into it and we can only hope that is minimized and down the drain it doesn't really matter if it have tube or solid state sign. 

Someone might ask how can we discuss cables interference when we even cannot have a control on how and what something was recorded. It's true, that most of 50's, 60's and some 70's recordings were made with tubes and to some extent we can strive for the similar feeling replaying that music on tube based analogue gear. Then again, do you ever think about all the operational amps and integrated circuits, that are used (and was) in most of the so called contemporary music while listening. I often use this example to shut down people that talk much, but say and know little about what's really going on. So where do we put cabling in all that?

Meet the family of 007

Skogrand seems to understand basics and did not fall for any romanticist quest or over designed nonsense. Skogrand Audio SC Air cables arrived in the grand secret plastic suitcase. It reminded me on some scenes from 007 series, when James is carrying some ultra wicked device in it. I love when manufactures are taking care and pride in how they deal with their products. This is especially important in high-end, when we're mostly dealing with not exactly wall mart prices. The presentation is a mirror of how someone feels about his products and customers.

All that could be worthless if the content is useless. Not shockingly Skogrand did more than good in both ways.

First encounter with SC Air was very positive. Knut managed to draw the fine line between sturdiness, elegance and practicality. It's easy to present thinner cables in a good way, but when we move to the thicker and more massive high-end cabling you really have to work hard to achieve the right balance between grand looks and ability bend flexibly. 

All that, so much talk, so many factors and we didn't even touched the sound. 

Skogrand Cables SC Air showed their face in a good way even on the first listening session. I do believe (like I repetitively contemplate) in both burn in and initial sound impressions. 300 hours of music will do the honour to your cabling, but it wont perform magic. All the small nuances could shine one, but depending, there is 80-90 % of the feeling you should get within first listening. If remaining percent's are in the field of placebo effect is up to discussion. Knowing music and your gear, you should be nodding or wave in dissatisfaction more or less instantly, or at least in first listening hours. Please do note and I cannot urge this enough. If you're stressed, uncomfortable, having to much of a daily burden on your shoulders, DO NOT listen to any new addition in your system. It will brake your enthusiasm and kill the fun of audio or call it high-end joy. When we're in such a state of mind music and all the gear related to playback become harsh, aggressive, millions of years away from reality and a subject of frustration. 

I found a nice peaceful timing for my first rande-vu with Skogrand Cables. What struck me at once and haven't changed for the rest of my testing was natural feeling and balance. Some sort of analogue rigidity, that is often addressed almost exclusively with vinyl replay.

I'm trying to approach my listening reviews and tests both scientifically and heart minded way. Science should be addressed with knowing the basic principles of audio, electronic theory and not overlooking the technical illogicalities  Where the heart kicks in is with ability to feel the music and understanding (or at least trying to) the mood behind it, this is a safe ground to proceed with critical judgement. You might think or feel differently and you're have all the rights to do so. For me to evaluate anything I have to tune in to a artist emotions and mood to fully appreciate and experience the recording and music creation.

Any musician will tell you, that they want to be heard as they were playing and expressing. The emotions should flow through replay without constraints whatever the medium is. SC Air is a fine example of refined and music friendly cable. The ability to present audio message without serious artefacts is a hard job. It takes courage, founds and determination to present a good/great product to the market.

Skogrand speaker cables are not racing the ultra highly priced and often questionable exotic cables. They are grand performers and fine tuned passive device that let music flow effortless and with all the attributes needed. 


In the race against giants Skogrand is a David of speaker cables. Well executed, no nonsense audio speaker cable with fine craftsmanship and finish in any desired colour.

Demand an audition if you're in need of capable mighty cable to connect your speakers to bellowed audio system.

Technical specifications:

Capacitance: 4.85pF/ft - 15.922 pF/m
Inductance: 0.21uH/ft - 0.7 uH/m
Effective dielectric constant of 1.00792
Signal transfer speeds approx. 297.643 km/s or 99.2% speed of light.
DC-resistance: 0.0069 Ohm/m
Characterristic impedance: 209 Ohm

The leads does NOT run without insulation between them anywhere in the cables. Teflon is used as standoff material throughout the whole cable run.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, June 2011
All rights reserved