Aries-Cerat Talos first encounter

Anytime you deal with Tube gear it takes quite some time to check everything before powering up. Specially with sophisticated components, that incorporate more then few tubes you can never be too careful.

Aries Cerat Talos phono preamplifier is heavy on tubes. It took me more than hour and half to check everything before connecting it to power amp. No such problems with solid state, but often also not such a delicacy, that you get with tubes.

Talos is humming like a cat in satisfaction. This is one hugh machine and an impressive one. Everything seems to be oversized. No half way through here. This is the upper league where very few if any cutbacks were made.

I'm expecting my Miyajima Labs Shilabe back at the end of the next week and there all the fun will begin.

I sincerely thanks Stavros for organising everything and all instant phone calls. I do wish, this kind of manufacturers support and behaviour to be more a rule as opposite.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo