Denon DL-103 first impressions

I really wanted to test this legendary cartridge in my setting, since cartridge loading is almost the same as my Miyajima Labs. Tom Evans set the Microgroove X plus at fix loading and I wanted to hear how does Denon DL-103 stack up to the bigger boys. For this listening I connected DL-103 into Tom Evans and directly into Mactone MH-300 B. Result is not good, but surprisingly great. This is really a lucky combination. It seems that DL-103 and Tom Evans Microgroove were made for each other. Further on Evans phono feeds Mactone and 300B's with enough speed and energy to not let any of the tubes get soft or warmish. I really feel lucky to share this first encounter and report on synergy. This might help to few of you, that asked me about 
Denon DL-103 test and what to use in combination. As you requested in emails, I attached few pictures of set up. Stay tuned for more insights in due time.

I would like to thank Thomas Mandl from DPA and Denon Austria for continuing support and help with test and reviews.

DPA - Die Sound & Entertainment Gruppe

Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, July 2011
All rights reserved