LessLoss Anchorwave interconnects in the service of synergy

The third installation in my series of LessLoss audio products just
happened. Louis Motek arranged for the shipment of Anchorwave
interconnects, and a week later, they are here and installed at Mono &
Stereo headquarters.

We arranged this collaboration test and review with LessLoss to
investigate and show the importance of system synergy. This is often the
topic of emails I receive from our readers. How do I make it happen? Is it
possible? How do I avoid countless hours of matching components and of
course spending all that money in the process.

Of course, in the end, you'll have to invest into the products, but if
done wisely, you'll be a very satisfied audiophile.

The LessLoss Anchorwave interconnects are from the same product line as
their speaker cables. This means further synergy is almost a given if it's
in tune with the rest of the system.

I've already written not only about good, but about great results with the
LessLoss power cords and LessLoss Anchorwave speaker cables. They are
naturally balanced and a direct medium for music.

Not being the greatest fan of "burn-in" but a wise chap with enough
experiences and millage, I can assure you that the Anchorwave
interconnects only extended the behavior of the other two LessLoss
products under my scope.

Now, everything is gliding towards an easiness of music. I can even speak
about timbre correctness (and they don't pay me to write this :)).

I wasn't surprised about this and was expecting this advanced sonic
structure. Everything is more balanced and in order.

LessLoss clearly shows that the right knowledge and contemporary
technologies can be supported with exotic materials in the service of

When something good happens even with non-audiophile software, I'm
impressed. This is not a revolution in hi-fi and high-end, but rather a
clever evolution. I like old school and I love the progress.

It's a great time in high-end for a clever audiophile in need. LessLoss is
surely a company to look at when you're in need and seek complete

Stay tuned for more. For now, SYNERGY it is!

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo