ZYX Omega X cartridge arrives (top of the line)

Analogue Artisan perfection from Japan

My hearth beat just went higher seeing the confirmation to the postal confirmation of  ZYX Omega X cartridge arrival. You already know, that I respect and cherish Japanese made high-end audio products very much. How can one not like the first encounter like this? Hand pack small bag with the nice aroma. I'm detail freak when it counts :). 

I look forward connecting into my system. Since my Tom Evans phono preamplifier have exact loading as ZYX Omega X this will be a great way to hear Omega in it's best performance. I already managed to find really great synergy with Tom Evans and Mactone MH-300 B amplifier. Evans phono have enough gain to drive Maesotos 2.0 speakers without additional preamplifier with Mactone MH-300 B volume inputs open only at 2'O Clock. I'm really curious and eager to hear ZYX premium cartrdig

I would like to thank to Mr. Shibazaki and Mr. Ishihara of Sibatech for their continuing assistance and support. 


Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, July 2011
All rights reserved