CA Electronics CA Base

CA Electronics CA Base 

The CA-Electronics Base is a cost effective damping and shielding device. Using the CA Base
beneath your equipment and-or speakers will give a vast improvement on the sound quality.
The CA Electronics Base is made of selected wood, and has a massive sheet of material
encapsulated which shields your equipment against RFI. With more and more interference from
airborne radiation (Wi-Fi, mobile phone's etc.) shielding your equipment becomes a necessity.
Next to the shielding, the Base provides a very effective damping over a broad range of frequencies,
which does not makes music sounds too damped.

The Ca Base is a top-down development of the original CA Plate, and the CA Diamond 1. When
you use more than one CA Base , for example above and below your equipment, the effect is even
bigger, as each appliance is shielded from below and from the top.

The CA Base is hand-crafted in our own workshop, so we can ensure the quality, and can make
different sizes and colours on demand.

Wide: 50 CM
Depth: 40 CM
Height: 4 CM
Weight: 4,75 Kilo
Standard finish: Black
Price indication: 299 Euro

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Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, August 2011
All rights reserved