Michael Franks Dragonfly Summer vinyl LP

Dragonfly Summer

Michael Franks is still one of my favourite musician/songwriter. His wit lyrics, skilful compositions with just enough grain of bossa-nova are my all time heart buddies and without a single thought a desert island choice.

I never thought I would get this album on vinyl. WB released it (here in west) only as CD or cassette. In my recent late night search for specific vinyl, I coincidently stumbled on this release. I thought this was some kind of a fraud at first, but luckily it turned out to be a dream come through.

My God, those Korean really know their mastering and pressing business. This sounds better than WB CD and let Michael vocal pure and without digitalis harshness. It's no secret (or for some) that you can find many of hard to get or even non existent vinyl album in Korea. Thumbs up. Now I just need to find Abandoned Garden on vinyl.
Cracks and pops? Yes, some. CD vs Vinyl? Night and day. I can stand and tolerate all the noise for getting so close to natural timbre of instruments and especially Michael Vocal.

Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, July 2011
All rights reserved