Vitus Audio RI-100 integrated amplifier world first preview-review

Affordable High-End Aristocracy from Denmark

Vladimir from the official distributor for Vitus Audio and many other high-end brands kindly arranged for exclusive first review/test of brand new Vitus integrated amplifier.

Those who follow high-end audio knows Vitus Audio. Vitus worked very hard past few years and there were almost no high-end exhibition, that he would personally miss. It's great to see a person behind products and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Vitus Audio is known for their Class A amplifiers. With RI-100 Vitus is addressing the wishes of many audiophiles for a more affordable amplifier. At around 8000 Eur estimated price, this is actually fair money value.

You'll  not miss anything  and got mesmerized by the grand looks on first encounter with "smaller" Vitus integrated amplifier. With familiar Danish trademark elegant simplicity looks, RI-100 is an amplifier you don't want to hide in a rack. Yes, it's a shower, not a grower. I didn't think twice about putting it on Alto Extremo Neo Flex absorbers. No other decoupling absorbing feet matches this German Neo Flex's.

While my first few songs listening were in digital format at Primož place, I let the my vinyl flowing through the RI-100 veins. It seems, that RI-100 needs at least 30 minutes getting to the optimum modus. I'm yet to hear, how it works with stand by mode. Last night urge was to big to wait. It might took a bit more time for me to understand the behaviour and time to reach the right mode. that it's at amplifier best capacity.

It's to early so far for me to get into too much details. This is only a first impression preview, but so far I can assure you, that this is a audiophile, high-end grade amplifier with the enough Vitus DNA and great contemporary, yet still classical look to satisfy many of you. I'm glad that Vitus choose not to size down  enclosure. Any smaller dimension would kill the attitude and greatness.

Vitus Audio RI-100 is coherent, seriously built and capable integrated amplifier. Everything seems to be in place, well thought out and music comes as balanced.

One more thing is evident even from such a short time... RI-100 is merciless to the quality of recording media. Every little detail is not over pronounced, but as it is. With changing Michael Franks Down in Brazil from Sleeping Gypsy vinyl album to Getz/Gilberto's Girl From Ipanema difference was recognizable in a split of a second. You'll either deaf or ... not to hear over (so well known) bloated and muffled bass and recognized sound of tubemic preamplifier in this recording. There is still that natural pace and sense of music floating within this recording, but what I wanted to point out is how critically precise this amplifier is. System synergy is a must here. Period!

As far as I know RI-100 is working in  AB class, but I'll investigate with Hans Ole if it works in extended A class up to certain wattage.

Thanks in advance to Vladimir from Art Audio Acosutic, Hans Ole Vitus and Primož Lobnik for providing the RI-100 integrated amplifier for test.

Stay tuned for exclusive in-depth review followed by interview with designer himself.

Vladimir Dobrasinovic

Text and photos: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, August 2011
All rights reserved