Aries Cerat Contendo Reference loudspeaker

Audio Giants from Cyprus

Aries Cerat Ultra High-End manufacturer Cyprus who produce out of this world tube and loudspeakers presents their flagship Contendo Reference with horn-loaded custom Raal ribbon tweeter. 

Few specs:
- A 4" compression Titanium midrange is loaded into a 350Hz Tractrix horn to cover 700 - 3.000Hz. 
- Its horn flare terminates in a solid wood bullet enclosure to eliminate edge reflections. 118dB efficiency is attenuated to the 104dB system value with impedance-matching transformers. 
- The round Tractrix midbass horn covers 110 - 700Hz with an 8-inch driver of just 13g of moving mass and also terminates in a massive wooden bullet enclosure.
- The external 2 x 15" sealed bass bins are driven from the external Pulsus bass amp which combines a 6C19P tube stage in transformer-coupled parafeed mode with 2 x 400w class D amplifiers with SMPS. External 3-way crossovers handle the horn module.

Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, September 2011