The Audio Power Labs 833TNT™

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The Audio Power Labs 833TNT™ 

Columbus, OH – September 22, 2011– Audio Power Labs, a company born of a desire to create products that provide the ultimate listening experience for music lovers and audiophiles is proud to announce the 833TNT™ monoblock amplifier. The 833TNT™ combines the best of old and new audio technologies to deliver amplified sound with breathtaking clarity, warmth and faithfulness.

The ability of tubes to amplify audio without the harshness often associated with solid state technology is well known. The drawback with most vacuum tubes, however, is their tendency to add distortion to the signal as volume is increased and their need for large power supplies to provide the level of voltage and current needed for their operation.

With the 833TNT™, our audio and electronic engineers have overcome these challenges. Using the newest switched-mode technology, they developed a power supply system of manageable size that enables our unit to be self-contained and to sustain continuous low frequency tones without distorting the audio far longer than most other tube based power amplifiers. In addition, the audio signal path is devoid of any capacitors or solid state devices, using tubes and coupling transformers exclusively. As a consequence, distortion is kept to less than one percent across the unit’s entire two hundred watt power range.

Innovative technology also includes a microprocessor with color LCD user interface that performs periodic auto biasing of all the tubes in the amplifier, as well as providing automated startup and shutdown sequencing of the power supply subsystems.

The 833TNT™ is designed with a push-pull configuration of large 833C direct heated triodes with zero negative feedback to deliver the highest quality sound. Because the output transformer operates with little or no quiescent magnetic field, push-pull is considered superior to the alternative single-ended configuration, especially in terms of the ability to deliver greater amplification with little or no increase in distortion.

The ultimate marriage of astounding audio transparency and stunning physical design, the 833TNT™ is the product of over two years of work by a team of audio, electronics and design engineers. This is the only 833C push-pull amplifier being manufactured in the world today.

Our design engineers were as concerned with the appearance as our audio engineers were with the sound. So the 833TNT™ is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. The hand-polished aluminum housing is a work of art and is a home worthy of the masterpiece of audio engineering it houses.

The design is at once contemporary and classic. The art-deco style is bold, yet refined. The two tube towers showcase the 833Cs, inviting the eye to study the intricate construction of the filaments, plates and electrodes, which bask in a warm glow when the unit is powered.

Availability: Accepting orders now

Price: $175,000 per pair

For more information, visit us at or contact:

Mr. Dana Earl

Sales and Marketing

Audio Power Labs

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About Audio Power Labs:

Audio Power Labs is located in Columbus, Ohio. The staff is made up of gifted electronics and audio engineers who share a passion for audio excellence and a dedication to perfection. Together, this tight-knit team has over a hundred years of audio and electronics experience.

The company, housed in a 15,000 square foot facility, recently leased an adjoining building which has been remodeled to house additional offices, a specially designed listening room where products can be tested and demonstrated, and an expansive workspace. It’s in this space that each 833TNT™ is meticulously assembled to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, and exceed the expectations of the most critical connoisseur of music and sound.

Mono & Stereo, September 2011