Burson Audio HA-160 D

Audiophile quality DAC, preamplifier and headphone amplifier on steroids

I'm having Burson Audio HA-160 D in my system for few weeks now. You can already find some rave reviews about it online. I can only continue with positive remarks.

Full review of HA-160 D is coming up in due time, but so far I'm really impressed by the quality, price and most importantly the sound of this device. Along with upcoming BFA DAC this is one of few converters, that I can actually stand listening for a longer time periods. You'll have to tight me down with most even few times priced DAC's after the initial 15 minutes of listening. Listening fatigue, digitalis, etc. I'm all nervous. I'm happy to report that Burson managed to create something unique with HA-160 D, that is closer to the feeling of vinyl. Thumbs up.

Stay tuned for more. This is definitely highlight of the year.

Mono & Stereo, September 2011