DarTZeel - CTH-8850

Swiss perfection

Mario Dolinar from Croatian Acquisitum Magnum - SON ET IMAGE Zagreb brought yesterday unique audio jewel, the DarTZeel - CTH-8850 integrated amplifier. It's quite heavy and we jointly lifted up on the new CA Electronics Diamond 1 Damping Plate. We listened to few tracks from vinyl, but the weather and DL-103 was not a great match for this occasion. When Mario left, my mind didn't let me to rest, so I finally installed ZYX Omega cartridge. Everything opened up. I cannot comment on the sound yet. It was too late in the night, but first impression would lead me toward tube like natural sound.

Yes, this is high praised Swiss's amplifier from Hervé Delétraz, that we all read or heard about it so many times. Great sound from CES and others High-End audio shows, state of the art controversial design etc. You can check my interview with him here to see the thinking behind Mr. DarTZeel. Hervé is a fine gentleman, with tons of experiences and great humour.

Let me just conclude this short introduction with comments about design. This is one of the best looking amplifiers. Our tastes might vary, but the golden/red combination and luxurious finish with all the refinement and details will hardly leave you unimpressed. Handling DarTZeel - CTH-8850 is like playing with Swiss watch. True marvel. Everything is thought out and positioned in logical sense. Craftsmanship? One of the best I'v seen so far.

Stay tuned for more in due time.

Text: Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo, July 2011