CA Electronics Ceramic Speaker Puck

Ceramic Speaker Puck 

CA-Electronics developed the Ceramic Speaker Puck for those who want to get the best out of spiked components.

CA Electronics Ceramic Speaker Pucks are a very good upgrade for the standard spike discs as provided with speakers and other spiked components. The spike will fit snug into the aluminum disc, which is encapsulated into the Ceramic. The large base of the Ceramic Speaker Puck will prevent you speakers from sliding on hard flooring, and also protects the floor against damage caused by spikes.

By easily placing the CA Ceramic Speaker Puck Feet under your speakers or any other spiked component your music will instantly sound better. The bass gets tight, you hear an extraordinary focus, sound stage and you hear a smooth and controlled treble.

All CA Isolators are hand crafted and hand polished in The Netherlands. They are made of especially chosen and improved ceramic material witch is smooth on the outside but very irregular structured on the inside. Vibrations in the whole frequency range are transferred in heat. In short, they are ideal for the job.

CA Ceramic Speaker Pucks are sold per set of 4 pieces, are 26 mm high, and 50 mm wide. The Ceramic Speaker Puck can carry a load of 100 kilo each.

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