Empirical Audio Overdrive Ultra DAC

Overdrive Ultra is new flagship DAC

The Overdrive Ultra is our new flagship DAC, sporting a solid-bronze cast/machined chassis. The Overdrive Ultra uses a minimalist approach to DAC design with only 2 analog stages to reduce noise, THD and compression. Outputs include XLRs and RCAs. It gives the user the flexibility of selecting the appropriate digital filter and includes a unique high performance volume control technology that competes with the best preamps available.

Using 12 Paul Hynes voltage regulator designs, it achieves the blackest background of any DAC on the market. In addition to the other inputs, it includes an excellent asynchronous 24/192 USB input that is clocked with our new proprietary Turboclock, achieving unprecedented low levels of jitter.

The result of all of these innovations is a sound quality never before available in a DAC. Our customers tell us that it even beats their vinyl systems. If you crave to listen to your old harsh 70's recordings, this is the DAC that makes them sound great.

Price: $15,000