Marantz Debuts Model TT42 Entry-Level

Belt-Driven Turntable For Vinyl Lovers

Mahwah, NJ, October 26, 2011 – Marantz America, a world leader of advanced home entertainment solutions, today announced the introduction of its TT42 High-Performance Turntable (SRP: $399) ( The meticulously engineered DC Servo belt-driven TT42 is designed as an entry-level turntable ideally suited for the growing numbers of music lovers who are discovering – or rediscovering – the benefits of an analog vinyl listening experience. Notably, for music lovers with amplifiers or receivers that do not include a dedicated phono stage input, the TT42 is also available with a built-in phono preamplifier that boosts volume and equalizes sound, for a suggested retail price of $429.

Advanced, Entry Level Source Component for Analog Listening
The Marantz TT42 offers total user convenience and musical superiority, with a specially designed Moving Magnet cartridge for stellar performance right out of the box. Its low-noise DC servo motor is smooth and quiet running, with a fully floating chassis for uninterrupted LP play. The automatic tone-arm return and stop functions deliver trouble-free operation, while the metal bearing and rubber belt drive add to the response, musicality and overall performance of the component. The result is a vinyl listening solution superbly suited for the modern age, one that will allow everyone to enjoy their old and new record collections in style.

Noted Jim Ludoviconi, Brand and Product Manager for Marantz America: “Recent figures from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) show that vinyl LP sales grew 26% in 2010. The resurgence of interest in vinyl music comes as a welcome development for Marantz, which has always understood and appreciated the rich, pure and warm musicality provided by analog gear. That’s why we have continued to offer analog music lovers a full range of the world’s most sophisticated, easy-to-use, high-performance analog componentry. With the introduction of the TT42, we are giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the elevated vinyl listening experience at a new accessible price.”

Matej Isak

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