An orchestral exploration of Gabriel’s extensive back catalogue

Bowers & Wilkins offers exclusive 24-bit FLAC version of Peter Gabriel’s latest album New Blood

Bowers & Wilkins teams up with Peter Gabriel to offer his new album as a super- high quality download. A shared passion and commitment to promoting high-quality sound has led to this unique partnership.

Bowers & Wilkins is very proud to announce that once again Peter Gabriel has chosen us to be the exclusive provider of the 24-bit studio quality version of his new album New Blood. The double-disc Special Edition will include a voucher code allowing purchasers to access the digital download via Bowers & Wilkins.

New Blood follows in the footsteps of Peter’s previous album, Scratch My Back, a song-swap project where he covered the songs of others, all to an orchestral backing. This time it’s Peter’s own extensive catalogue he’s chosen to explore alongside John Metcalfe’s meticulous arrangements.

Great care has been taken – and much discussion shared – in deciding what songs were included on New Blood. It wasn’t simply a case of giving the big numbers an orchestral re-rub. Indeed, some of the big hits – Sledgehammer, Biko – are missing in favour of lesser-known material. But the intention wasn’t a deliberate obliqueness; it was more a case of finding the songs that would be enhanced by the massed strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.

The New Blood Orchestra’s energetic conductor Ben Foster agrees that the boss’s instincts remain sharp. “The orchestra is not a tack-on. These aren’t just strings on top of a rock band. This is something rebuilt from the ground up. That’s why it’s so successful.”

Members of the Society of Sound music subscription service will be able to download an exclusive version of New Blood entitled Half Blood. Half Blood features five tracks from the album and five instrumental versions and is not available anywhere else.

New Blood will be released on Monday October 10th 2011
Half Blood will be available to Society of Sound members on Monday October 10th 2011