Pass Labs upcoming Amps

Pass Labs new amplifiers 

Pass Labs are planning to release limited production in January and hopefully to ship the first units at the end of January.

There amplifiers are much more then an incremental improvement over their current amplifiers. "Once you hear them you will know that they were worth the three years that it took us to develop them."

The front end circuit of the Xs series amps was designed by Wayne and is similar to the XP-30 circuit. The output stage was designed by Nelson and Nelson and Wayne worked together on the Power supply.

Lots of work and listening later we have an amazing pair of amplifiers.

You will note that each channel of the amps has a separate power supply. There are four chassis for a single pair of amplifiers.

The 300 watt amplifiers has four chassis the size of the XA200.5 amps. The 150 watt amplifiers have four chassis the size of the XA160.5 amps.

Stay tuned for more.

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