Artisan Silver Cables Ultimate Silver Stream

Artisan Silver Cables introduce the new “Ultimate Silver Stream” pure silver USB cable 

Artisan Silver Cables recently canvassed their customers about what products they would like to see on the market and it became clear that many of them were looking for a top quality pure silver USB cable (to join their laptop or PC to an external DAC) at a sensible price.

In response, they have created the “Ultimate Silver Stream” USB cable. While continuing to use Artisan’s tried and trusted approach of using 4 pure silver conductors, each individually fed through Teflon tubing, the new design builds on the performance of their original USB cable, by introducing extra screening to isolate the delicate digital signal from outside RF interference.

Furthermore, the data carrying wires are completely screened from the power carrying wires. This prevents the possibility of dirty power from the computer contaminating the data-carrying lines which carry the sound signal. This is a feature normally only seen on more expensive USB cables.

The company claims that the improvements to sound quality are “dramatic” and that the cable will “take on all comers up to £1000”. Customers can try it for up to 30 days and return it for a full refund if they don’t agree.

The “Ultimate Silver Stream” can be ordered directly from Artisan’s website at

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