Chisto Das Klang cables


Chisto is presenting new line of cables with interesting DNA. Stay tuned for a review. Cables are on the way to Mono & Stereo HQ.

"We created this naturally limited line of cables for you as a tribute, a respect to vintage german audio. A tribute to great sounding analog. After dozens and dozens sold locally in Ukraine and outperforming almost everything up to $1500 we decided to let it fly internationally.  We used vintage German cables. We call it Vintage DNA inside. Professor Anatoly Likhnitsky from St. Petersburg noted once that vintage components in any setup create synergy and infuse that famous sound. Maybe. How they sound? Well - analog way. When music flows naturally. Not as a sum of bass + mids + highs. Music flows here. Absolute charm for any level of tubes setup. And a surrender for digital sound."
DAS KLANG ANALOG CABLE 2X1M  $210  Vintage german cable  HIgh quality VIABLUE TVR connectors  Vintage style vibration control sleeves  Packed in solid Carpathian cherry design box  (use it later to keep saved hundreds of dollars). 

DAS KLANG SPEAKER CABLE 2X3M  $420  Vintage german cable  HIgh quality VIABLUE TS banana plugs tube connectors Vintage style vibration control sleeves

Matej Isak

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