D7 Ultimate Valve Preamplifier


Dalby Audio Design build valve amplifiers of the highest order. Situated in the heart of West Yorkshire England, our products are hand crafted to meet the demands of the most critical music lover. Our valve amplifiers are designed to take you even further into the recording.

Dalby Audio Designs philosophy is simple, yet our obsession with detail has led us to create one of the finest valve amplification systems available today. We avoid audiophile trends and refuse to use technologies that don’t deliver in a musical way. Our loyalty is to music not hifi, so we are driven by the emotional content of the recording and only use components and materials that enhance this feeling.


D7 Ultimate Valve Preamplifier

The D7 valve preamplifier is finished in 9 carat gold plated exterior panels with a Tri-composite chassis made from; Mahogany, copper and carbon fibre isolating feet. Point to point wiring is employed throughout for the purest circuit and signal transfer, using mono crystal cast copper and mineral loaded soft silver allowing the retrieval of every harmonic detail. The D7 is a 2 box configuration separating the signals of the head unit from the operation of the power supply. Two ‘KYOKU’ mains transformers are used in mirror mode for ultra silent operation. The D7 comes with a 1.8m dedicated pure silver umbilical cord to connect to the PSU, while the head unit is supported by specially designed carbon fibre feet which employ a 3 point ceramic bearing system. These feet can be replace by the D7-GE90 Gabon Ebony feet as an optional extra on request.

The D7 Preamplifier configurations:
• D7-L Line level preamplifier with outboard power supply
• D7-LP Integrated line level and phono preamplifier with outboard power supply
• D7-P Phono preamplifier with outboard power supply
The D7-L and D7-LP preamplifiers can be fitted with the D7-ICB (Isolation Capacitor bank) for bi-amp and tri-amp mode while mechanically isolating the head unit from further kinetic interference.
SRP: £52,400.00


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