Dalby Audio Design Isolation feet



The D7-CBF isolation feet preserves all of the delicate nuances within the recording whilst spreading the widest holographic soundstage. We recommend using 3 D7-CBF isolation feet with 2 positioned at the rear and one central at the front. You may need to experiment on absolute placement depending on where the weight load is within each component.

D7-CBF60 Feet DNA

• 3mm wall thickness carbon fibre suspending solid brass parts
• 3 point ceramic bearing decoupling system
• 9 carat gold finish over solid brass
• Compound reservoir to eliminate vertical vibration
• Precision brass supporting the carbon fibre at both ends
• Optional anodised black finish on request
• Available in sets of 3 and 4

Working parameters: Turntables, Power amplifiers and power supplies.

Conservative rating of up to: 75kg (165.3Ibs) per isolation foot

Price: $3000


Matej Isak

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All rights reserved, October 2011