DaVinci Virtu Master Reference mono amplifiers

Everything simplified!?

The circuitry of Virtu amp is unique and unconventional. The chassis is a solid block of alu that serves as an advance heatsink tom reduce thermal distortion.
Although it looks small, the weight of each amplifier is over 30kg! It houses a special input transformers wound in house by Da Vinci.

After the input transformers, loading is purely by electronics rather than inter-stage and output transformers. The circuitry is single ended design. Class A operation. 40watts into an 8ohm loading.

The design criteria is to reach the highest levelmof musicality according to Peter Brem and the rest is not important. This is an uncompromising design that takes more than 2 years of development. There is also a gain switch just in case the matching preamp's output gain is too small. The ideal partner for the Virtu amp is high efficiency speakers.

Matej Isak

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