DaVinciAudio Masters Reference VIRTU tone arm

Masters Reference VIRTU tone arm.

A few highlights:

Invention of a 4 point gimbaled magnetic- sapphire bearing (world debut)
VTA adjustment
New azimuth adjustment

To a later time, as an optional accessories available: Exchangeable tone arm tube for best matching with your cartridges.

Basis version is an hybrid: tube made of ebony wooden, steel and aluminum with an SME adapter:

Master's Reference Virtu tone arm a superb product, with the vaunted Swiss precision evident in its design. Uncompromising quality.

Experience this world class tone arm, you will be more than impressed!

Pictures description:
-Jewels created by Zigerli-Iff, Bern, Switzerland
-Patek Philippe (Men's complicated watch - world time platinium) meets DaVinciAudio's new tonearm (Photographer: Ephraim Bieri, Bern, Switzerland with permission from Zigerli & Iff, Bern, Authorized Patek Philippe Dealer, Bern, Switzerland)

Matej Isak

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