Exciting new Rothwell products now available from Artisan Silver Cables

As many of you may know, Artisan Silver Cables sell a number of products from Rothwell Audio –a UK-based company that shares their approach to audio: high quality, low-volume audiophile products - individually crafted to a high standard –and offering high value for money.

Rothwell Audio are best known for their attenuators, which are used worldwide by audiophiles looking to cure excess system level problems, with maximum purity and minimum signal degradation.

Now Rothwell have turned their considerable engineering expertise to the problem of producing a 21st century mm/mc phono stage of four-figure quality for a three-figure price: The Rialto at £379.

If you have a high-end moving coil cartridge and want to take things to the highest possible level, you can use the Rialto phono stage in its moving magnet mode - then employ Rothwell’s new top of the range moving coil step-up transformer to provide the extra gain completely cleanly and silently. The new MC step-up transformer is called the Rothwell MCL and sells for £485.

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These products can all be ordered directly from Artisan’s website at and there is no charge for shipping.

Matej Isak

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