Air Tight Acoustic Masterpiece T-01 turntable

Great addition to Air Tight

Air Tight has established a strong position as a vacuum tube amplifier manufacturer. Acoustic Masterpiece is a product of an attempt to provide a relatively reasonable price that has the quality of the Air Tight.

Bearing or magnetic floating are selectable by bottom screw
Magnetic floating support

Belt for exchange
AMT-01 turntable mat(natural leather)
Arm base(for SME or Rega-Origin Live arms)
TA-01 (an arm for T-01) magnesium pipe, silver line / silver coat line

Drive - Belt drive
Motor - AC motor
Platter - Aluminum, gold
Chassis - Aluminum, black

610(W) x 410(D) x 130(H)mm


Price: $6000

Air Tight

Matej Isak

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