Divine Acoustics new Elektra2 loudspeaker

Divine Acoustics presents with pleasure brand new set of floorstanding loudspeakers.
Electra 2 constitutes the combination of the musicality, the rhythm and the spacious sound confined in the elegant flat cabinet. It has been designed according to the CRC design system. Every component and constructional material in the CRC design system is carefully chosen with regard for cooperating with transducers to achieve final high sound quality. The cabinets are standing on a new oval stabilized plinth which enables a double outlet of the bass-reflex located on the lower wall to work without restraint.

The loudspeaker of the professional parameters processes low and middle tones. Despite, it has the only 9 gram cellulose diaphragm, this 13cm (5,5in) loudspeaker possesses the under 40Hz resonance, the relatively good efficiency 88dB and very good impulse properties. Even much bigger loudspeakers do not possess such good attributes. Applied in Elektra 2 loudspeaker is equipped with BAD system. Therefore, the combination of BAD system and the loudspeaker’s excellent parameters enables to achieve the warm and natural sound with many

details of middle tones as well as surprisingly fast low tones.

The light 20mm silk dome processes the treble. The dome is powered by the double neodymium magnet. The tweeter is also equipped with BAD system which improved the replayed space. Moreover, it smoothens the upper tones. Both loudspeakers are secured by metal covers.

The newly designed crossover with the secondary filters and the compensation of impedance constitutes the heart of Elektra2. The crossover uses SGP and RFpath systems which are elaborated by Divine Acoustics. SGP system focuses the ground of the entire crossover in single point, it shortens the signal's path and enables to unload capacitors fast and properly. As a result, the fast, dynamic and exact sound without harshness has been achieved.

RFpath system allowed to remove the series and the parallel resistors in the tweeter signal path. As a result, the detailed sound and the creation of suggestive space around music instrument are significantly improved. The signal goes through OFC copper wires of precisely determined lengths which are carefully chosen according to the final sound of the speakers set. All joints are made with soldering alloy which does not contain lead (Pb free).

There are six finishes available: Ebony, Venge, Zebrano, Macassar, Plum and Olive. These colors are combined with the leather finishing of the speaker’s sides and the plinth.

Electra2 is the stereo floorstanding speaker set suitable for listening rooms of 9 to 20 square meters. It is designed for the cooperation with the transistor and tube amplifiers with the output power 3-60Watts. Electra2 can also be the main – front speaker in the home cinema set (surround and center speakers will join to the offer soon).

Matej Isak

Mono and Stereo ultra high end audio magazine
All rights reserved, December 2011