Melody Gardot My one and only thrill

On the gentle side

Emotional, provocative,  and transparent, almost like taking a familiar walk, but most surprisingly so positively refreshing. Somehow she managed to let herself in simply giving  away the music through herself without a curtain. Bare naked without constrains. When did I lately enjoy an album as a whole so much? Scratching my head...

Pace with such a delicacy. Melody takes you by your hand from "Our love is easy", through "Baby I'm a fool" up to the "Over the Rainbow". What a trip.

No it's not Norah Jones, nor she even falls anywhere near as some of you suggested. Very different. Melody is wit in escaping the melancholy, that Norah fails to avoid. Such an absence is needed for me as much as I do cherish and return to listening Norah.  

At moments while listening to "My one and only thrill" I felt like Joshua Reedman, Ella, Jobim and even Gershwin were chasing my inner musical drawers.

Orchestration is sublime and in favor of Melody. Expertly conducted in very traditional Nat King Cole style.

Attacked by emotional elaboration for the fragile, yet positive side.

Sound? Audiophiles? Yes. My vinyl version is still somewhere in Germany making its way to my HQ's , but so far there is nothing stoping me enjoying this fine release even with all so called "artifactos" of digitalis.

My one and only thrill? Thanks God no, but most definitively Gear of the Year! Do not miss this one regardless where you stand ...

Matej Isak

Matej Isak

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All rights reserved, December 2011