THIEL Introduces the SmartSub® USS and SS2.2 Subwoofers

THIEL unveils the world’s most intelligent subwoofer systems

(Lexington, KY) December 20th 2011 — THIEL Audio ( has announced the introduction of the next generation of SmartSub® products, the THIEL USS and the THIEL SS2.2. As the first and only company ever to achieve such a feat, THIEL SmartSub technology's real-time integration circuitry converts subwoofer and companion loudspeakers into a unified system—quite possibly the most important advancement in bass reproduction since the subwoofer's invention. Both models will also carry forward THIEL’s patented engineering achievements in the subwoofer category that virtually eliminate unbalanced response due to room interactions as well as thermal compression distortion common to other subwoofer designs.

THIEL SmartSubs deliver flawlessly detailed bass response down to 20Hz. “The most important design goal for these subwoofers was to achieve perfect synergy between the main speakers and subwoofer, as if they were a single system engineered together,” explained THIEL president and co-founder Kathy Gornik. “The culmination of everything we have sought to achieve in the subwoofer category has been brought to bear with tremendous success in these two completely unique products,” Gornik added. Second generation SmartSubs utilize a new amplifier topology engineered for high performance and reliability.

The USS incorporates a robust 550-watt amplifier with a highly efficient
switching power supply driving a proprietary 10-inch aluminum woofer
boasting long excursion and immeasurably low levels of distortion. The SS2.2
utilizes two of the same 10-inch woofers powered by 1000 watts. The
companion PXO5 module enables either SmartSub to blend perfectly with any
THIEL main speaker system. THIEL specifically designs and hand assembles
a unique PXO5 to match any THIEL loudspeaker model. Only THIEL
SmartSubs can deliver nuance and detail without sacrificing impact and power. Listeners will enjoy an unprecedented level of realism and emotional connection to their music and movies.

The THIEL USS will be available in three finishes, Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash. The SS2.2 is available in THIEL’s full array of standard and custom hardwood veneers and features stainless steel hardware and heavy duty spikes borrowed from THIEL’s flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker. THIEL SmartSubs are expected to ship to authorized dealers on January 16th, 2012. MSRP for the THIEL USS is $3490 USD. MSRP for the SS2.2 is $6390 USD. MSRP for the PXO5 module is $500.

USS Specifications:

Driver Configuration: 1 x 10-inch woofer Input response: 20Hz-300Hz ± 3dB Normal input response: 20Hz-300Hz ± 3dB Size: 10-5/8” W x 15.5” D x 20” H

Weight: 55 pounds
Acoustic Output: up to 99dB @ 20Hz, 106dB @ 30Hz
Inputs: 1x RCA, 1x XLR
Outputs: 1x RCA, 1x XLR
Level correction switch accommodates multi-sub applications Input Sensitivity: 1 volt for 120 dB@1m
Amplifier Power: 550 watts, RMS

SS2.2 Specifications:

Driver Configuration: 2 x 10-inch
Input response: 20Hz-300Hz ± 3dB
Input Response: 20Hz-300 Hz ± 3dB
Size: 11” W x 20” D x 23.5” H
Weight: 104 lbs / 47kgs
Acoustic output: up to 105dB @ 20Hz, 112dB @ 30Hz Inputs: 1x RCA, 1x XLR
Outputs: 1x RCA, 1x XLR
Level correction switch accommodates multi-sub applications Input Sensitivity: 1 volt for 120dB@1m
Amplifier power: 1000 Watts RMS

Matej Isak

Matej Isak

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