Bit's on highs

REFERENCE-D1 is the high end product of Totaldac. Most components have been improved from the REFERENCE-A1 DAC, the resistors, the power supplies, the output stage, the FPGA etc... and it has many different inputs and outputs. The embedded digital volume control allows to interconnect the DAC between a drive or a computer and a power amplifier.

-192KHz asynchronous Xmos USB, optical, RCA and AES-EBU digital inputs, selectable from a remote control.
-44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported on the coaxial and AES-EBU inputs.
-44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz and 192KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported on the USB input.
-44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz and 96KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported on the optical input.

-RCA, XLR analog output and 3.3Vrms max 32ohm to 600ohm headphone amplifier.
-digital volume control, adjusted by a remote control and an OLED display.
-adjustable 3.5Vrms max output level.
-phase polarity selected by remote control.
-display switch off by remote control or automatic.
-R2R DAC technology using VishayPG foil naked (VAR) 0.01% resistors, 100 resistors per stereo channel.
-class A, low impedance, discrete transistor output stage.
-supplied with rubber feet and metal cone feet, easy to swap.
-external power supply to minimize the noise on the embedded preamp. Not yet visible on the photo.
-aluminium and polycarbonate enclosure.
-controlled quantity of raw material, limited weight for the shipping, easy manipulation, 4kg unpacked.
-low power consumption, 10W on average.

-First shipping in 2012 february.

Available options.

-dual DAC option, using 2 DACs per channel for a 100% balanced DAC. Only for a DAC without active crossover. Improves the XLR output but leaves the RCA and headphone outputs unchanged - €1200

-Adjustable 18dB/oct high pass filter to attenuate sub bass to solve a room accoustics problem or to protect the loudspeakers or to remove sub bass when listening with a headphone or to remove the recording offset or to preserve neigbours or children at night. - €200

-110V-120V power option.

-BNC coaxial digital input.

-REFERENCE-D2 and REFERENCE-D3 ,69 bits 2 way and 3 way crossovers including a digital preamp for the main volume control and also for the relative level between bass, midrange and treble.- D2 €8000, D3 €9400


Matej Isak

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