Audionova interconnect, speaker cables and power chord

Enjoy the music

We came far with technology and advancement of science. What was unimaginable few years back makes a daily pace at present. It feels that occasionally that exact technology actually do some service for the men at large. There are many fields of science happily using advancements of technologies. We might hate the army complexes and corporate thinking, or disagree with NASA politics, but do we overlook how many little things actually came from their labs as a result of countless researches.

While I’ll never agree, that actual science will solve the ultimate things in life and I mostly don’t agree with the way military is pushing and using their founds, I cannot and for the matter in generally we all cannot change the movement of some things, but at best we can at least benefit from them.

Meet the galaxy of Audionova

For more then five years they pushed their passion for music and audio to create their Audionova audio DNA. We can find on their site, that numerous researches and tests were done from their side to be able to present to the market quality and affordable cabling solution.

Here are intial Audionova goals:

- The highest sound quality
- The lowest price
- The best product design

And the way they incorporate the passion (from Audionova website):

In the production we use only the best materials.
All our products are handmade.
All connections are made of silver solders.
Our products were compared to the products of competitive companies.

Crashing of Titans in points of interest

It is coming obvious for some, that cables might be the weakest link in audio chain. In past few years we’ve seen that often  sparks start flowing around the subject of cabling. Question arise; when do we approach to cabling matter? When our system is so called complete or at the start of our matching with audio gear?

It’s hard to justify the end approach that we’re so used to. How will you even recognise the potential and synergy of your given components, if you don’t let all the flow through them. Or at least open the door of the potential to be evident.

Entering the chamber of music

Audionova Aurora MK2 interconnects, Moonwalk MK2 speaker cables and Orpehus power chord entered my usually full (and mostly crowded) chamber of music.

With just updated vinyl collection my mind was flickering through the library of past and present artist passioned works  taking Audionova along.

Swapping in and out, listening, comparing, taking notes... This reviewing business might look like thing of envy, but trust me; it often feels like bloody cold and hard work. Thanks God for music and passion towards gear, otherwise many and myself included would kicked this venture of testing and comparing long time ago.

Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell always come handy with vocal transfix. They also reveal system at once. I inserted Audionova Aurora MK2 interconnects between my Lamm LL2 preamplifier and Tom Evans Microgroove +X phono stage.  There were no disappointments. Period! I could feel the bodies of performers and what moves me in to the musical event. While Aurora’s were not the last word in transparency and dynamics, they stood out of the crowd with enough “mojo”. One could feel the charms of the music I could elaborate. In terms of PRAT Audionova Aurora MK2 cables did let music through very well as Moonwalk MK2 speaker cables did in connection with Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2 speakers. Pleasing!

Affordable cables used to carry so called grainy flavour or character. With both Audionova speaker and interconnect cables I never felt, that music changed in that way. This only gives thumbs up.

Michael Franks Art of Tea and Sleeping Gypsy (Label: Reprise / Wea) are one of my music non stop contemplating vinyls. I’m used to more depth and sense of space from LessLoss AnchorWave cables, but Audionova was no slouch at their price. We’re talking one Galaxy and two universes, but even in Audionova universe there were enough feelings that could evoke my musical inner ticking.


How much do we get with entry level audiophile priced cables? More then we could imagine in the past. There are many windows, that open the world of High-End audio world and audiophile quest for better. Audionova will give you the generous glimpse into what is capable within high-end territory. Yes not hi-fi but high-end.

Audionova are manufacturing a no nonsense cables for reasonable price. It’s great to see and hear the passion and technology being so affordable and well implemented.

Do not overlook those potent and fairly priced cabling solution from this uprising Polish audio company. They’re bringing a lot to the table and their product line is expanding as we speak.

If you’re in the market for very correct audio cabling, for both audiophiles and music lovers do not miss Audionova.

Matej Isak

Mono and Stereo ultra high end audio magazine
All rights reserved, December 2011