LessLoss Firewall

Ultimate power

In our continuing testing venture with LessLoss, there will soon be another review. The LessLoss Firewall. Filtering power without side effects? defects :)? "No caps, no coils"?

In combination with a reasonably priced Furutech e-TP609E, as suggested by Louis Motek, this should raise the bar above what I experienced so far with the company's Signature cabling solution. We approached this unique so-called "audiophile experiment" as an in-depth ongoing project, to investigate the importance (if any) of synergy, and considering a solution from only one manufacturer. So far, it was a surprisingly great quest.

My first impressions? Let me skip the blacker blacks, the deeper depths and wider stages. The effect is instantaneous. The music simply grew, and not in a 0.xxx way, but rather in a x 1.xxx way. While I'll elaborate more in my upcoming review, let me just reveal a few notes for starters.

The impact from the LessLoss Firewall is far beyond from what I expected. It feels like adding new preamp to the system, rather then dealing with "just" a power filtering product. Music entered into the room with a huge pace and a pompous step, knocking down the doors of perception. It is bigger and better, but not in typical Hollywood style.

My conception of cables and power filtering are slowly but surely changing with what LessLoss Audio have to tell and offer. It's a novel already well written. It's quickly becoming not darn good, but great.

Stay tuned for more in due time.

Matej Isak

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All rights reserved, December 2011