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Cost effective audio cones solution

Audiophile accessories army

We've seen rising echelon of audio accessories, that deals in one or another way with the matter or resonances, absorption and de-cuppling of audio gear of shelfs.

In past years of my venture and dealing with objects of High-End I'm starting to understand the importance of balance. Balance is a thing of refinement and experiment. It's hard to pin point down the general universal rules for everyone. There are so many combination of gear, that mind get wicked. We can take some hints, advises and logical conclusions from well written articles, but in the end our ears should be the judges and our system will be our presentation.

Audio Alchemy

I could not stress enough the importance of using different material, when in comes to matching your system dealings with absorption and resonances. Again your preferences might vary, but all in the pursue of better sound should at least jump on one wagon of this crazy audiophile train ride. We can go as exotic as we want, be there is no need if you're in absence of funds and Highend craziness. If something proved in past few years in highend audio society, it's that there are affordable solutions to our audiophiles urges and needs. They might not take you to the full 99% of highend audio race, but they'll carry the strong flavor of what's possible.

In service of music

CA Electronics already proved to be a wise manufacturer of affordable products. Their ceramic products are of special composite and hand finished.

Working their way

CA Cones stayed in my system for quite time. I've tried them in all sorts of ways. Even as cable elevators. Their unique structure seems to carry a certain inherent quality, that works in combination with CD players, turntables, audio shelfs etc.

From my notes I dig out few comments and how CA cones acted in different situation. Sometimes it's darn hard to write about those micro changes and we're more then often in placebo territory or to put it mildly and earthly language; audio voodoo. Here things get confused, raged, exploited etc. So where to draw a fine line. I do believe every little thing matters. Even in audio. It's not simply a thing of perception. For sure it can be a strong matter of mind impression, that we got along with reading and terrorizing our thoughts with different forums, magazines and people with strong opinions. What we need to do is form a rational space and listening habit, that will give us a certain viable insight and conclusion. For me this is late night listening, when I'm in relaxed, lucid and feel good state of mind. Electricity is usually good, everything calms down, mind is more or less in absence of disturbances and senses are more open to receive all the informations, that forms an opinion, which should matter.

I repeat the same process all over again for few times and if it sum up frequently with same remarks it got a green light. Same thing happened with CA Electronics CA Cones. Being under the marble, wood, cables CD player and turntable my red line note was more or less the same. Small increment in clarity, dynamics, bass and perhaps the depth of experiences. I don't like to put things down as written in last sentence form, but it's important with this kind of devices. It gave a so called healthy spectrum.

In micro universe of things audio, this cones made a subtle, but evident difference. At the end of the day this this should matter at least on some level for a audiophile and music lover in a quest.


How many times we've arguing about crazy and exotic pricing of this kind of products? Here is a show stopper. CA Cones offer a no brainer solution for the price of a good audiophile CD or Vinyl pressing. If you're a hard core disbleiver here is the chance to dive in the passionate universe of audio accessories without braking a bank. And for all in need of numerous cones, de-cupeling of your high-end audio shelfs regarding the material, here is the chance to further explore the combination of materials and how they effect your system balance and synergy.

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