Chisto Easy Groove and Hi End Show Gloss review

Cleaning solution for Highe-end revolution

Chisto Easy Groove and Hi End Show Gloss
I already wrote about Chisto products here. This time mastermind Yuri is bringing us two new products Chisto Easy Groove and Hi End Show Gloss.

Clean hifi with Hi End Show Gloss
Dust, fingerfints, stains and all other sorts of visual packe are never friends of any hifi lover, that cherish highly their objects of musical desire, what to talk about us reviewers, testers and everybody, that not only deals daily with sound, but also with aesthetic part of high-end audio gear.

We're all accustom to "high-end" gear best friends. There are simply no way we can always use by modus operandi famous so highend white gloves. They might come handy for the initial openings, setting the gear, but often they might also dangerous in our dealings with moving them around due the testing phase. Slippery slip and we're out of luck. Ever happened to you?

Meet the new buddy of mine and it could be yours too soon. Read on... Hi End Gloss. There is no magic behind it, but simply well figured out cleaning solution. Hi End Gloss comes handy not only with high-end gear, but also with LCD screens, on my BlackBerry, Macbook Air and iMac and so one. 

We all know the drill. Use two or three sprays of Hi End Gloss and wipe it out with enclosed cloth. It works, it cleans and it will help in keeping the dust away for a little time. Summing? It works.

Chisto Easy Groove

Chisto Lp Vinyl Soulution

Vinyl is my passion and as it shows lately, that even youngsters are catching up with it. Nothing keeps my hearth in the loving beat as seeing this happening. Am I getting older and feel retro about it? No! It just shows, that some sort culture is happening. Buying vinyl means that people are feeling different about music. All the digital revolution is great, but holding and having a physical object is something different. Who know, maybe future will bring some sort of high-end USB flash drives with high-res master tape files in unique sort of material presence, that will feels the same. Digital audio is changing so fast and yet we're still hankering for some sort of physical medium to stay. We'll see...

Cleaning vinyl can be one of the nasty parts of dealing with this medium. For some it's already a ritual, that give no second thoughts, but it might push people away from this sort of enjoying the music. As long as vinyl exists there were numerous school to thought in the matter of cleaning it properly. So what is right? What works for you might not be even a consideration for other vinyl enthusiasts. I'll try to keep it simple. Both old and new records are subjects of different kid of naughty dust. So, before each listening we're bound to wipe this sucker away from our bellowed black discs. After using it on daily basis I can recommend it being used as following. Spray it gently on the vinyl surface and wipe the dust and other unwanted micro particles first counterclockwise and then in opposite direction. Leave it for few seconds and then use finest record brush you money flow allows to. Do not use too much of cleaning fluid. Just a gentle spray, brushed the working side of and employ the brush. 

Simple and a matter of few strokes. Once you do this often enough, you just forget thinking about it and it becomes a part of listening to vinyl. Cleaning even gives kind of romantic feeling and involvement into listening.  

I'm using both Chisto products regular. Chisto Easy Groove is my daily buddy in my pleasures of analogue seduction. They are both cost effective "soulutions" for every music, audiophile and gear lover. 

Mono & Stereo Matej Isak's recommendation.

Chisto Easy Groove specs:

Cleans all types of records from LP to ancient, but lovely 78 RPM shellacs. Quick and convenient way to keep your records at its best and prolong lifespan of your cartridge. We recommend to treat even brand new records as they have MRA (mould release agent) that makes sound muddy. We included Chisto Duster absolutely free to be used as probably the best record brush and also as cleaning activator.
Application: Spray on a record surface. Wipe/activate with Chisto Duster if desired. Wipe off counterclockwise with included ultra-fine microfiber silk (washable and reusable) until dry. Repeat on another side. Store in antistatic sleeves. Enjoy.
What is included:
100 ml natural spray bottle
Chisto Duster aka "Fur coat"
Ulltrafine microfiber "silk" cloth (washable and reusable).

Hi End Show Gloss

Gently cleans all types of audio/video gear from amplifiers and receivers to large HD screens. Improves optical resolution of HD screen surface. Quick and convenient way to keep your beloved gadgets at its best.
Application: Get rid of dust with included Chisto Duster. Apply 2-3 sprays to microfiber cloth and gently wipe device until clean. Polish with Evolon cloth if necessary. Repeat in 2-3 weeks.
What is included:
100 ml natural spray bottle
Chisto Duster aka "Fur coat"
Ulltrafine microfiber "silk" cloth (washable and reusable).
Evolon® polishing cloth (washable and reusable)

Matej Isak

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