Dillenhöfer Sound Systems AMP

Complete mono construction (2 mono amplifiers in one case) stereo Amplifier

- Highly noble Rhodium contacts from the entry to the exit as well as power supply and fuse
- Rhodium Carbon main cable
- High quality toroidal core transformer, vacuum moisture with shield coils and magnetic shield
- Each transformer is separately shielded and aluminium die bell casted, a special Dillenhöfer procedure
- Gold-coated conducting paths of all circuit boards
- Top quality selections of all construction elements of all levels
- Weight 60-110 kg
- Electrical parameters of absolute top class
- Capacity of power screener 300.000 – 1.000.000 UF, for immobilization deposited into 4cm strong metal
- Consistent separation of operation - and main level
- AB-operation as well as A-operation selectable
- Stabilisation of operating points irrespective of temperature
- Damping factor more than 1000 – distortion factor about 0,0009%
- Frequency range 6 Hz – 1,5MHz – Signal to noise ratio more than 125 db
- 1 ohm stable – case walls up to 4 cm strong
- Connectible illumination   

Matej Isak

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