TrondheimSolistene - SOUVENIR vinyl first impression

High-res digital on vinyl?

Pleasant contradictons

High res digital audio released on vinyl? Contradiction? Not the first time, thanks God! Being a true analog fan I can for sure understand few of hard boiled reactions, that this "wicked" combination might arise, but please do fasten your seat belts and read on.

A lot of great music is being released each coming year and those of us who cherish vinyl would love to see many of those only CD, SACD, High res downloads or any other digitally released titles pressed on vinyl. 

Digital + Analogue logic combined

Now how to combine logic of digital mastering and analog. Digital is changing so fast and rapidly, that is hard to keep up the pace with hyper speed hardware state of the art DAC's. But we're getting much further with sound in the past few years in ultra digital audio and it might even capture constant attention of some of die hard analog fanatics (myself included). 

TrondheimSolistene - SOUVENIR LP was a positive surprise. It's not, that Morten doesn't know how to make top quality recordings. He does and he proved, this already, but mastering for vinyl takes a different set of efforts, then digital. And often retuning the ears :).

Reality check

As soon as needle touched the grooves my fine aural mechanics stopped. No time for tube phono this time. I switched to Tom Evans with the full delight. Having high resolution digital master transferred to the black grooves it was a must for fast, dynamic and open phono stage. We might discuss and argue in length why, but you have to trust me on this one; music floats with this release. There is something right within this combination of technologies combined. Perhaps after all there is a way to unite both digital and analogue worlds and offer them jointly on the altar of pure musical quest and satisfaction. Isn't that something to rave or speak loudly about. We seek passion and music non stop in this game of high-end audio; don't we?

The quality of vinyl is great. Solid pressing, no surface noise and it's very down to earth quiet. I'm glad Morten went all the way with mastering and attention to quality. There is a speed and depth in recording, that simply moves my vinyl compass in the uncharted territory. 2L have already impressive catalogue and I sincerely hope they'll bring more soon to vinyl. Ellen please.... 

I'll focus in length about music in separate review, for this write up my positive impression simply had to go viral :)! So 21st century in joint venture of digital and analogue. How not to say count me in...

If you want to dive into 2L first vinyl release you can preorder your copy of VINYL direct from 2L web shop.

Matej Isak

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