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From Acoustic Preferences:

We want to inform you that decision was taken.

From February 2012 we offer our exclusive High-End loudspeakers with new "BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER" sales policy.

This is really 5***** offer. Maybe the best price/quality ratio for High-End loudspeakers on the world.

NEW PRICES FOR 2012 are on this link:

In the world today, we can see the rising trend that can no longer be overlooked and neglected. There is new trend of the manufacturers who decide to sell their own products, directly and online. And the reason is simple. The direct buy trough manufacturer is the best option of purchase for customer, of course if the purchase is safe.
Acoustic Preference is one of the first companies in the High-End market industry, that has decided to upheld customers wishes, and start with the direct sells of our top-notch loudspeakers in 2012.
Our decision is well thought and we decided for the direct sales, because we know that direct sales is the only way, customers get the best product for their money.
Furthermore, every AP speakers model are a detailed hand work, we put at least 50 hours of hand work of different specialists in creation of AP High-End loudspeakers. From wood specialists, electronic construction, design solutions, testing and quality control. All parts are manufactured in EU and all supplied parts are of the highest quality, which inevitably means high supply and production costs. In conclusion final production costs of Gracioso and Maestoso loudspeakers are also inevitably high.
Our policy from the start of Acoustic Preference company, has always been to maximize benefits and satisfaction of our customers, and in our opinion, direct sells is the only fair way to deliver High-end hifi equipment directly from our company to your homes for approx.50% lower prices.
Our speakers will also be available at some verified dealers, who agree with our sales policy and are able to operate with minimal margins.
We make every effort that our customers would be fully satisfied with our purchase service. We know that the world has become a global village in which the reputation, good or bad, spreads very rapidly. That is why our motto is "each satisfied customer counts."

                                                      Your Acoustic Preference Team

Matej Isak

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