Kudos Audio Limited Edition Kudos Cardea Super 10

Limited Edition Kudos Cardea Super 10 Now Available

For some time Kudos have been experimenting with the design of the ‘ultimate’ stand mount loudspeaker.  Following the development work into drive unit and crossovers that took place for the Titan project, Kudos are now able to turn the dream of the ultimate sound-mount loudspeaker into an enthralling reality.

The Kudos Cardea Super 10
Derek Gilligan, Kudos owner / designer has been designing high quality loudspeakers for 21 years and so it was decided that the production of the ‘Super 10’ should be a limited edition run to commemorate this anniversary.  The Super 10 is designed without compromise and uses the very finest quality components – regardless of cost.

The Super 10 shares the same 12 litre cabinets with the C10, Kudos' established stand-mount reference.   The drive units are some of the best in the world; produced for Kudos by SEAS in Norway – a company with almost 60 years of expertise in this field.  The K2 tweeter is developed exclusively for Kudos from the famous Crescendo unit.  The main drive unit, developed by Kudos and manufactured by SEAS features a copper shorting ring to minimise eddy currents, an aluminium phase plug to act as a heat-sink and a hand-treated paper cone.  This drive unit has been specifically designed to work in this cabinet and to integrate superbly with the K2 tweeter.

Designing the drive units to integrate seamlessly allows the use of a minimal, low-order crossover reducing phase errors, blurring and other unwanted artefacts.  Every component is carefully selected for its performance in the Super 10 crossover, which includes Mundorf inductors, resistors, and ‘Mcap® Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil’ capacitors.  These parts are produced to extremely tight tolerances and then hand-matched for use in the Super 10.

The Chord Company internal wiring is carefully chosen for its musicality and resistance to the effects of vibration.

The Super 10 defines the ultimate potential of stand mount loudspeaker performance, never loosing the innate understanding of the music itself.  The ability of a loudspeaker to allow you to enjoy your music collection is the attribute Kudos value above all others, and with the limited edition Cardea Super 10 Kudos have reached their ultimate expression of the stand-mount loudspeaker.

Technical Specification: Kudos Cardea Super 10

2 way, Bass Reflex
Frequency range:
40 Hz – 30 kHz  “AIRR” (average in room response)
87 dB / @ 1 W / 1 m
Nominal impedance:
8 Ω
SEAS - Kudos Crescendo K2 29 mm fabric dome
Mid Bass driver:
SEAS - Kudos 180 mm with copper shorting ring and hand treated paper cone
Black, cherry, oak, walnut, rosenut
Dimensions (h x w x d):
350 x 200 x 270 mm
Weight (each):
10 kg
Guarantee period:
10 years

Suggested UK selling price (Inc.  VAT)

Kudos Cardea Super 10
Standard finishes:                                                                           £3495.00


Consumer contact

Kudos Audio
Telephone:   0845 458 6698
Email:                        enquiries@kudosaudio.com
Web:               www.kudosaudio.com

About Kudos Audio…

Derek Gilligan grew up in a family of skilled craftsmen: musicians, engineers, and cabinetmakers.  Early in his career he worked with his brother as a sound engineer, earning an excellent reputation for the sound they created both in the recording studio and at live concerts.  After working on the first UK INXS tour, Derek felt he needed a change and began working in the hi-fi industry.

For fifteen years Derek worked in the UK hi-fi industry as a loudspeaker designer and built up an excellent reputation as the gifted designer of many award-winning products.

Towards the end of 2005, Derek set up his own business, taking over the Kudos brand.  Kudos had an excellent reputation as manufacturer of some of the best speakers stands money could buy.  Derek kept the speaker stand business running, added an equipment rack and began to develop loudspeakers under the Kudos name.

The first seven years has seen Kudos develop into an internationally successful high quality loudspeaker manufacturer, renowned by the most fastidious audio critics and praised for the stunning musicality of their products.  The tremendous growth has necessitated Kudos moving into larger premises to expand their range and grow in line with the demand for their very high fidelity products twice in three years: initially in 2008 and then again in 2011.

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