Sade Diamond Life Audio Fidelity test review

Diamond vinyl

Sade Diamond Life Audio Fidelity 180g vinyl came at the time I was just reorganising my vinyl collection. I do own two other pressings of this great album and it was interested to compare the Audio Fidelity version with them. Both of them are OK and passable, but Audio Fidelity Sade Diamond Life 180g version is mastered by industry legend Kevin Gray. It often happened that first released carry the better sound and mastering than reissues, but Kevin did great job.

80's were the golden times of great music and debuts. Pop music got so complex and refined, that masterly embodied so many genres into a soulful and listenable music. Sade is known for its refined production and Sade Adu one of the kind voice. 

"Smooth Operator", "Your Love Is King", "When Am I Going to Make a Living," the tender and lovely "I Will Be Your Friend", "Why Can’t We Live Together" and "Hang On To Your Love" are just few album highlights. 80's were great as album structure as an important part for bands. Sade Diamond Life represent almost a perfect school book model for how it supposed to be done.

Sade Adu not only carries a certain mystic and exotic Aura, but kind of the noir Art Deco feeling with the deep understanding of emotional voyage. Even the vinyl hardcover reassemble this energy and Audio Fidelity gatefold vinyl prints are even more premium then originals.

Sade Diamond Life Audio Fidelity 180g Virgin Vinyl release feels like buying a hard cover special edition book. Even if you're briefly fan of Sade and 80's pop music do not miss this release. For hardcore Sade fans this is a MUST!

Sade Diamond Life Audio Fidelity brings great mastering, clicks and pops free reply and premium hard paper album print. And for $29.99 you'll be the owner of special Numbered Edition-180g Gatefold edition. 

Highly recommended. Run for yours while the stock lasts. Thanks Marshall!
Side 1
1 Smooth Operator
2 Your Love Is King
3 Hang On To Your Love
4 Frankie's First Affair
5 When Am I Going To Make A Living 

Side 2
1 Cherry Pie
2 Sally
3 I Will Be Your Friend
4 Why Can't We Live Together 

Mastered by Kevin Gray
180+ Virgin Vinyl
(AFZLP 089)