Tom Evans Linear B monoblocks

Light speed

I already own Tom Evans Groove x phone preamplifier as part of my reference system. It's by far one of the quietest and fastest phono stages I heard, money no object.

Tom Evans Linear B monoblocks are a rare and unique birds. Eight EL-84 tubes per channel and driven directly by an OP amp. In this configuration EL- 84 are simulating the famous legendary Japanese triode in behavior.

You'll have to take a deep breath when Tom Evans Linear hits your aura. This is like driving Formula One. It is the fact, that Linear B require very good preamp to show it's best, but when paired right, this is one of the few power amps I would call "best".

If this would be packed in the different enclosure and charged "correctly" you would have 50k figure at least.

Stay tuned for more in due time.

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