Absolare Munich high end 2012 show report

Italian in disguise 

A passion, a style and 845 tubes. International team of designer is a clear recipe for this avid visual and aural connoisseur delight.

Absolare presented actively their PASSION preamplifier and mono blocks. There is no way for pictures to conway the beauty and class of these objects of art. First class auto industry leather combined with non resonant aluminum enclosure's milled from one block of air industry quality aluminum.

Beautiful designed equipment with aura of timeless classics. Think Buggati like inner leather stitching and appearance. 

MSB audio and Beat MagDrive Turntable with Reed tonearm acted as front ends with Absolare preamplifier and Monoblocks. This is a US based high company with a strongest pedigre breath of Italian Aura. Very serious design probably my favorite beauty of the show. 

Power output was rated at around 50 watts of single-ended class. With two pairs of 845 tubes per channel working their magic. 

We’re working on presenting Absolare in an exclusive European test-event this year.

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