MBL Audio Munich 2012 highend show. MBL akustikgeräte event

MBL Audio event

MBL held a special event with the life presentation with live Cembalo. This is a completely different presentation on the level that everyone should take upon. More of a cultural event, then typical high-end show even.

Music was beyond a typical terms of audio jargon. This is very live sounds meet the reproduction of the music in an audio system. Like with D’ Agostino and Sonus Faber Aida, everything was life like, open, with sense of space, ambient and articulation. The thing that sets everything apart in the ultra high-end audio is the sense of pace, rhythm, pace and especially articulation. There is no overblown size of instruments and atmosphere of event wa slight.

Musical choice was a practical time journey and a delight for connoisseur. A true stand out.

Along with the Dan D’Agostino and Sonus Faber MBL Extreme and reference system was up there in a completely different league.

On the right side there was a smaller new Corona line, that was introduced last year. Very slick looking. White is definitely a new black for quite some time now.

We listened to the MBL 116 F within Corona line. At first it was a few minute adjustment from the top of the line system, but quickly after first song everything set itself. Even on the level of this setup performance was at best. This is without a second guess a high-end.

Like waiting in the line of Rolling Stones concert people were waiting in the line to get their share of beauty and sonic ecstasy.

In depth report and exclusive interview with MBL CEO will follow soon. 

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