Munich highend 2012 offical report day three and four

Day three.

ATC, Restek, Ortofon

There were short lecture and presentation about the logics of active speaker design. Room was full and people listening paid full attention. Sound from the largest speakers was. We heard few songs from vinyl. Quite an impact.


Beautiful display at the booth of one of the most recognized German high-end brands. This is a real luxury brand with the sound that is recognized with audiophiles all over the world. We could hear the new 111 music server and there were a lot of their gear at the static display as well as a remarkable Porche Panamera with built in Burmester dedicated system. Open, controlled sound, but within the limits of the hall room acoustics. 111 music server looks gorgeous and it was nice to see the updated Rondo line. 101 and 102 are now using the same enclosure as higher priced upper level models do. It’s certainly an add on value and even greater looks of already classical design. They show 113 actively in the system. Ipad as a control is becoming a standard and part of integration of so many standard high-end audio.

Chord and Dynaudio

Full-blown system with Dynaudio speakers. Music centers are more and more avidly used in the system integration. One cannot pass the unmistakable design of Chord electronics. Sound was on the safe side. Dynaudio also presented full WV audio integration.


As alaways Transrotor have the largest display. Range was broad from wit priced entry-level model up to the final statement with special floating-cardan. Stay tuned for exclusive interview with Transrotor CEO soon.


Finally a Garrad and Simon Yorke Audio design. Everything under one roof and on one table ☺. Highly priced and highly regarded phono, preamp and monoblocks from Trinity audio. Room hosts played a bit of unorthodox music from vinyl and I actually like the different approach. Loricraft Garrad 401 was gorgeous and Simon Yorke series 9 turntable shined with its minimalistic glory.

Acoustic Plan

Signature blue. This German well-known brand showed their components with large Uwe Meyers Siemens Klangfield. Speaker took almost third of a room. 50’s paper cone feeling….

Wadax Spain


Company showed production line of their speaker their booth. It’s a three way speaker design driven independently in each range.

Both midrange and bass are driven internally by 400 w class D amps and tweeter is driven directly from the Wadax PRE 1 digital preamplifier DAC. Quite unique and I believe first in industry.

Impressive feature is their sample vinyl records. One have to play back this record through PRE1 and record an audio file. By this process Wadax then send back an USB Key with a perfect setting for your system. In this way cartridge is frequency correct and gain balanced. Stay tuned for an European exclusive test soon.

Goebel High End

Unique and uprising Germany Company. One of the few if not only who’re using wood panel driver. Amplification by Audia Flight Italy.



Matched with Vitus Audio and Kubala Sosna Master reference cabling. Estelon actively displayed their Z Diamond speakers. This speaker looks like a thing carved by the hand of master artisan. Ceramic speakers finally give some life to Vitus audio.

Dome Phase Posion

I was sure those were Italian speakers. Very aesthetically looking. Coaxial driver is mounted inverse. Interesting logic. Both floor standing and monitors were at display.

Dome Phase is a sub group of Microlab and established in 1988. Dome Phase was created as a higher positioned high-end company in addition to Microlab wider lifestyle products.

Floor standing is 3 way speaker and Monitor speaker is two way. Floor standing priced around 8000 eur and monitor 4000 eur.

We listened to Basalt CD and amplifier Basalt one. Check more at:

Analysis Audio

From Greece.

Tassos Hartizis is the owner and designer of the company. Analysis audio produces planar ribbon speakers. Will publish more along with interview soon. Taken from Tassos explanation Analysis produce more definite sound image.

MBL Audio 

MBL held a special event with the life presentation with live Cembalo. This is a completely different presentation on the level that everyone should take upon. More of a cultural event, then typical high-end show even.

Music was beyond a typical terms of audio jargon. This is very live sounds meet the reproduction of the music in an audio system. Like with D’ Agostino and Sonus Faber Aida, everything was life like, open, with sense of space, ambient and articulation. The thing that sets everything apart in the ultra high-end audio is the sense of pace, rhythm, pace and especially articulation. There is no overblown size of instruments and atmosphere of event wa slight.

Musical choice was a practical time journey and a delight for connoisseur. A true stand out.

Along with the Dan D’Agostino and Sonus Faber MBL Extreme and reference system was up there in a completely different league.

On the right side there was a smaller new Corona line, that was introduced last year. Very slick looking. White is definitely a new black for quite some time now.

We listened to the MBL 116 F within Corona line. At first it was a few minute adjustment from the top of the line system, but quickly after first song everything set itself. Even on the level of this setup performance was at best. This is without a second guess a high-end.

Like waiting in the line of Rolling Stones concert people were waiting in the line to get their share of beauty and sonic ecstasy.

In depth report and exclusive interview with MBL CEO will follow soon.

YG Acoustic

Day three we returned to hear the bigger Anats and joyfully stumble upon Dire Straits Money for nothing on vinyl. What a pleasure this was again. Completely different experience from the MBL room, but we’re talking dynamic speakers here and yes, I’m the fan of them. Darn good again! It’s hard to set still with such a positive impact. Yoah was as taking the room with his positive attitude.

Tiglon and Glanz

Tiglon audio from Japan showed an impressive array of products with world first usage of magnesium alloy shielding.

Glanz new tonearm 9” inch first then 10” and 12” tonearm. 9.000 GBP.The bearings in The Glanz tonearm are in house and it resembles Da Vinci Gradezza. Counterweight is made with insertion of Tungsten. Stay tuned for in depth review soon.


Beautiful designed equipment. MSB audio and TW acoustic as front end with Absolare preamplifier and Monoblocks. This is a US based high company with a breath of Italian Aura. Very serious design probably my favorite beauty for the eye. 50 watts of A class with two 845 per channel! We’ll probably present Absolare in an exclusive European event this year.

NuForce Europe and Robytone

It was great to meet with Tony from NuForce Europe and Robytone in person. Highend industry need people with such a positive energy and clear view for future. We discussed things digital and Tony showed two exhibition rooms.

We set plans for future European collaboration and test of NuForce gear. Look forward for upcoming things from NuForce. NuForce is becoming a leading manufacturer of things digital in general. It's great to see refined Class D amplifier from them. They are bringing this "controversial" class of amplification on audiophile level with success. It seems, that they have done it right with the latest Reference 18 and upcoming 20 series. Stay tuned for upcoming test.

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