Munich highend 2012 report Pernar Audio Germany

Synergy for Europe

Pernar Audio from Germany brings to the European market the best of well recognized Audio-GD (Class A, Symetric design, Current System and standard voltage system, etc.). Everything, that is known for, it will be included in Pernar Audio upcoming products. Pernar Audio will fine-tune everything specific for European market, organize needed for CE Confirmity, German VDE conformity, they will carve the final enclosure design, established new brand and combine everything within the norms of traditional German quality. This practically means only one third of the internals and technology will come from China and rest from Germany. Perhaps even more.

Kristian Pernar the owner of Pernar Audio elaborate further, that Audio-GD will only provide basic PCB's. Everything else Pernar audio will build to their high standards to provide the best quality for German and European market.

Stay tuned for an exclusive European and world premiere of Pernar Audio upcoming products in few months. We'll cover the whole range of their line when ready. 

Upon listening to Pernar Audio prototype I can only assure, that this is a company to watch out.


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